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Treeless Saddle

Riders must not underestimate what a saddle can do to ha horse or to himself. There are so many back and muscle problems related to the saddle they ride with, that no risks should be taken when it comes to choosing the right treeless saddle or opting for another type saddle that is fitting well.


Many people chose a treeless saddle to “solve” or improve this kind of problems once they installed. Well, riders might be careful with this decision. First, they should look at the saddle they are riding with and see if it has any fitting problem. Sometimes, when a rider approaches the horse with a saddle, the horse can already be giving signs of disagree, like trying to nip, pinning their ears or moving away. Those could be signs of things that are very wrong with their current saddle.

This type of saddle is great for riders that are used to ride bareback, because it offers more security and protection from sweat without having to lose the close contact with their horse, but it is not recommended for stiff riders or very large horses. Rider´s stiffness passes through the saddle and gives in return a stiff horse with short movements. Most of horse´s behavior and balance problems are consequences of an uncomfortable and stressed horse ridden by a stiff rider.

Less flexible riders should ride on horses with a strong and flexible back, letting an experienced rider work with the horse periodically maintaining his muscles in the right shape. For this type of rider it is strongly recommended to take some posture and balance lessons before buying this type of saddle or any type, actually.

Achieving a correct posture should be the first priority for any rider that cares about himself and about the horse he is riding or in charge for.

There are many great techniques that improve riding position. Techniques that improve any rider whatsoever, it just takes some time that is very much worth to spend because once he or she knows how to do it, they will be doing it every time they are on a horse until it becomes natural. Once correct posture becomes natural in every movement, the fun can begin and they will actually enjoy every ride they take on a horse´s back!

Smaller horses like ponies, should get less damaged with a treeless saddle than big horses so it could be a great option for children to use making a smooth transition between the lounge lessons ridden with a pad, and the normal saddle. Because riding on a treeless saddle is so similar as riding bareback, the new young rider can easily feel the pony like he was during his lessons on the lounge and have to think less about adjusting himself to a big normal saddle. Riding alone without the lounge is a huge step for a new rider so the more he can concentrate in the direction he is going without having to think about his new posture in a saddle, the faster confidence and complicity is build between both, rider and horse/pony.

They are available in many shapes and forms, but it is very important to choose for a great quality and perfect fit, just like other saddles.