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Top 8 Smart Equestrian Kit Bags That Will Make Your Hacking Perfect

smart equestrian kit bags

It’s never a bad idea to have the smart equestrian kit bags for people those that love hacking so much. This wonderful bag will help you easily carry necessaries things that support a lot for the horse riding. The basic features that the good equestrian bags and luggage must have are to be practical, hard wearing and high quality with the secure zippers. This post comes with a review list of 8 smart equestrian kit bags that you’ll love to buy one for the next hacking trip.

1. Lemieux Prokit System Rucksack

smart equestrian kit bags
Lemieux Prokit System Rucksack. Source: horseandhound

This is a good choice for people love a horse riding backpack. This cool backpack is designed with multi-functional pockets that can carry all the riding essentials based on the categories as you require. All your stuff will be safe in this super strong backpack and your key items are always ready for you to use whenever you need them.

2. Equi-Theme Back Pack

smart equestrian kit bags
Equi-Theme Back Pack. Source: horseandhound

One more backpack for you to choose, this functional one has many compartments which are very suitable for carrying a lot of different kinds of equine accessories. There are four pockets outside including the whip place, the bottle holder and the breathable padded hat flap for the rider’s helmet. It’s easy to open the inside compartments which are controlled by a central full-length 2-way zip. You will see many zips and stretch pockets inside the backpack which can help you keep stuff separated as you wish. In addition, this backpack has the adjustable and padded back and shoulder straps that support to spread the load and protect your shoulders and neck from being painful.

3. Dublin Imperial Grooming Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Dublin Imperial Grooming Bag. Source: horseandhound

This bag is built to be a perfect bag for carrying all the grooming stuff. It has a long carry strap and two short grab handles that allow you to wear it on two different styles. The zipper on the fabric lid keeps everything inside the bag from being dirty and destroyed. If your horse needs grooming frequently, this grooming bag is an ideal one for you.

4. Driver13 Riding Boot Bag Backpack System

smart equestrian kit bags
Driver13 Riding Boot Bag Backpack System. Source: horseandhound

This boot backpack is 55 cm in height and can stand up by itself thanks to the cleverly folds out flat. It has a separated helmet compartment outside and this one is ventilated so you don’t need to be worried about the moisture. There are two small compartments on the sides and front of the backpack which is perfect for gloves, spurs and other equine accessories.

5. Shires Horse Print Saddle Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Shires Horse Print Saddle Bag. Source: horseandhound

This saddle bag has an eye-catching design that is very fit your equestrian style. It is made of a durable horse print fabric which provides the paddings in order to keep it from the bumps and scratches. It has both detachable grab handles and adjustable shoulder strap so it’s very flexible to wear. Besides, this saddle bag features a double zip for easier open and close.

6. Woof Wear Bridle Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Woof Wear Bridle Bag. Source: horseandhound

This bag can protect your bridle from being wet by its waterproof material. Besides, it can keep the bridle in place thanks to an internal strap so you can feel free to take it anywhere and still see it is tidy when open the zipper.

7. Nico Helm Box

smart equestrian kit bags
Nico Helm Box. Source: horseandhound

This Nico helm box is made of a hardwearing fabric and has some internal pockets and a zipped pocket with two compartments on the lid. Therefore, besides the hat, this hat case is very convenient for you to carry other stuff. Moreover, it features an unbreakable vanity mirror which can be folded to save space. You will be satisfied with this bag because it has many ventilation holes that keep your stuff inside fresh all the time.

8. Nuumed Kit Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Nuumed Kit Bag. Source: horseandhound

If you want to have a bag with a medium or large size, this NuuMed kit bag is a great choice. It is made of the robust and clean fabric which can challenge all kind of situations and weather conditions.
These are 8 smart equestrian kit bags that are very suitable for the horse owners who are looking for the riders gear bags or horse gear bags. Choose the best equestrian kit bag that fit your needs and makes your hacking time be more convenient and enjoyable.