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Five Awesome Products Prevents The Horse From Box Rest

Products prevents the horse from box rest

Box rest is the statement that no horse owner wants to face. Besides stopping you from the hacking, the box rest can be a terrible nightmare for your horse if you don’t know how to keep it sane during this time. The most hazardous monster causing by box rest is the boredom. It can be a huge factor that is prone to problems such as box walking, weaving, crib biting, and muscle wastage. As a result, it leads the horse to a bad temperament which is full of unhappy and anxious feeling. To keep the healthy mind for the horse, you can find some products prevents the horse from box rest. Here is a recommended list of toys for horses on box rest that will help your equine friend stay well during this difficult time.

1. Likit Horse Stable Boredom Buster

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Likit Horse Stable Boredom Buster. Source: redmillsstore

This hanging toy will break the boredom by spinning whenever the horse licks it. Therefore, the horse has a chance to play the tongue twister and follow its multi-directional movements. You can increase the challenge by attaching the likit holder to make your horse exciting. It’s better to add different flavours from time to time so that the horse always finds the new interests and never be boring during the box rest.

2. Shires Greedy Feeder Haylage Net

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Shires Greedy Feeder Haylage Net. Source: amazon

If the horse is confined to “prison” for a long time, it may become very greedy as a result of lacking activities. This small holed net is designed to slow the feeding speed of the horse which asks the equine animal to work harder to get the forage through the small holes. By this way, the horse has more activities to release the boredom. Eating slowly also improves the digestion and reduces the amount of wasting forage. This haylage net is one of the best solutions to ease the bad temperament from the box rest for horses.

3. Bizzy Bites Stable Toy

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Bizzy Bites Stable Toy. Source: petnpony

This rotating toy will keep your horse entertaining no matter where you put it. You can hang it on the wall, attach it to the door or just leave it on the ground, it still works all the time. This bites stable toy is designed with the textured wings that provide an interesting surface for chewing while improving the teeth health. There is a mint sponge that keeps the horse interesting long after the refill is finished. Besides, the solid refill makes it extra long lasting. This is a toy entertaining horses on box rest that your equine companion will definitely love to play with it.

4. Horse Stable Mirror

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Horse Stable Mirror. Source: horsemirrors

Simply hanging a stable mirror on the wall can make your horse more relaxing during the time of box rest. It’s very useful for the horse to kill the boring time in the stable. At first, your horse can keep staring at the mirror but it will start playing hide and seek soon. As a good result, the horse can find a lot of funs by itself.

5. Ekkia Curry Comb And Massage

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Ekkia Curry Comb And Massage. Source: amazon

It’s obvious that you can’t go hacking with your horse because of the box rest. However, you can spend time with your beloved horse by giving it a relaxing massage. This tool has two sides with different textures. One side has PVC teeth which are built to be a curry comb for grooming while the other side has seven stainless steel beads to provide the horse with the comfortable massage. This tool is the calmer for horses on box rest that prevent your equine companion from the stressful, boring, and annoying. Keep this activity frequently so you guys will pass the box rest with ease.

It can’t be denied that box rest is one of the hard times you and your equine companion have no choice but to face it. Why don’t you make it at ease with these products prevents the horse from box rest? The great toys above are the good solutions for managing a horse on box rest. You should choose the one that fit your horse and see how great it can be.