Southwestern Equine Silverado 1″ Grey Contoured Saddle Pad 100% Wool


There is just nothing better than an all wool saddle pad. A true wool saddle pad will fit your horse better the day you put it on and it will only get better as it conforms to the shape of your horse’s back. The hollow natural fibers will wick away sweat and heat keeping your horse dryer and cooler.  Whether you are a trail rider or professional trainer this wool saddle pad will last for years. This is a high quality wool pad made of fine grey wool that has a contoured spine and withers cut out with premium top grain wear leathers.  Look for a more even sweat mark on your horses back when you use the Silverado wool pad. Another reason people like wool is it is easy to clean. You can simple hose it off with cool water, use a sponge to work out the hair and sweat, and then hang to dry.