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Top 10 Leather Headcollars For Horses That Make You Enjoy The Horse Riding More

leather headcollar for horses

Every horse owner and horse rider knows that a horse headcollar is an invaluable tool that is deserved to be invested in. This tool usually has a noseband and a headpiece that allows the horse to be tied and easier to lead. Therefore, it’s critical to have an appropriate headcollar for your horse in order to avoid any injuries. Although there are many headcollars made of different materials, the leather headcollar for horses always looks smarter and last longer. If you are looking for the best horse leather headcollars for your equine friends, it’s very useful to read over this list of leather headcollar reviews.

1. Hyclass Leather Padded Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Hyclass Leather Padded Headcollar. Source: shedfieldequestrian

Made of high quality leather, this wonderful headcollar has the soft paddlings on the nose and headpiece in order to provide the horse with the most comfortable experience. Besides, it includes an adjustable chin strap and clip throat fastening which is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.

2. Leather Headcollar Havanna With Sheepskin

leather headcollar for horses
Leather Headcollar Havanna With Sheepskin. Source: hypostore

If you are looking for a gorgeous headcollar which looks smart on your horse, this leather headcollar with sheepskin is awesome. It is the best combination between the quality leather and the super soft sheepskin. It is confident to claim that every horse will love to wear it and enjoy this headcollar, especially when the weather is chilly.

3. Leather Headcollar With Nameplate

leather headcollar for horses
Leather Headcollar With Nameplate. Source:

This leather headcollar is more special than the others because it has a nameplate on the cheek piece. That’s what makes it different and unique. Besides, this headcollar also meets all your expectations about quality, durability, and the flexibility. It will be a very essential tool for you to lead and train the horse.

4. HKM Leather Veronika Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
HKM Leather Veronika Headcollar. Source: Amazon

This headcollar is made of the calf leather so it’s very soft and comfortable to wear. It includes the paddings, an adjustable noseband, and headpiece.

5. Equipride Leather Polo Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Equipride Leather Polo Headcollar. Source: Amazon

If you love the handcrafted stuff, this headcollar must be for you. As you know, the handcrafted products are always meticulous which takes so much time to make it. Therefore, it is very unique and durable. Besides the leather lead, this set also has a fashionable chain and the strong buckles which are made of the stainless steel. Your horse will look very sporty with this polo-inspired design headcollar.

6. Kerbl London Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Kerbl London Leather Headcollar. Source: Amazon

This headcollar has the adjustable neck and nosebands which will be perfectly fit your horse. It also has some softly padded layers on the nose, poll, and cheek pieces so the horse can always feel comfortable. This is a high quality, durable, and affordable headcollar that your horse will love it.

7. Amigo Padded Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Amigo Padded Headcollar. Source: horsedirect

This is one more leather headcollar with nameplate for you to choose. Besides the customized nameplate, this headcollar is made of eco-friendly leather which is not only high quality but it also gives your horse a good look. With the soft paddings on the noseband and headpiece, your horse won’t be annoying when wearing it. This item is available in brown and black colors and comes with full-size options for pony, small, standard, and large horse.

8. Mark Todd Patent Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Mark Todd Patent Leather Headcollar. Source: hopevalleysaddlery

This headcollar has the padded noseband and headpiece, stainless steel buckles, and the patent so you can trust in its quality and durability. Moreover, it’s very convenient for you to choose the fit one because it comes in a variety sizes.

9. Lemieux Padded Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Lemieux Padded Leather Headcollar. Source: Ebay

If your horse loves a soft headcollar with the qualified paddings, it will be likely to want this headcollar. This is a high-quality handcrafted headcollar made of the finest leather that can make the horse extremely happy. It is sold at an affordable price and has many sizes to choose from.

10. Shires Blenheim Fully Adjustable Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Shires Blenheim Fully Adjustable Leather Headcollar. Source: gsequestrian

This headcollar is designed to fit ponies through to an extra full size for large horses. Therefore, it’s easy to adjust until it totally fit the horse. It is made of good quality leather with solid brass fittings, you can count on its long lasting features.

This is the list of 10 leather headcollar for horses that are very popular in the equestrian world. Although there are a plenty of options for you to choose, you should understand your demand and your horse hobbies to pick out the best headcollar. Don’t forget to make your decision within budget and enjoy the horse riding more with the perfect new headcollar.