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Perfect Tip: How To Buy A Horse For Beginners

how to buy a horse for beginners

It’s never an easy task to figure out how to buy a horse for beginners, especially for the very first horse owner time. In other words, it will take you a lot of time for doing research, require you some experience and a smart buying strategy in order to make a good purchase. However, if you haven’t ever had any knowledge about buying a good equine breed, this following buying a horse checklist will help you get prepared for your first horse without any difficulties.


Horse Buying Budget

Buying a horse doesn’t mean you only need to pay for the initial purchase price but there is a long list of costs are waiting for you in the upcoming time. If you don’t want to turn your first horse ownership into a light of wallet, you should estimate all the costs of a monthly basis. Here are some expenses you need to consider when having a horse:

how to buy a horse for beginners
You have to invest in some essential equipment for the first horse. Source: ponytrain

– Board. Ranges from full care, which includes feeding and stall cleaning, to self-care, bedding, etc.
– Riding lessons. It’s always essential for you to get along well with a professional instructor to enhance the riding skills.
– Competitions. In case you want to join some forms of competitions, you should think about the entry fees, transportation fee for you and your equine friend, money for the customized outfit or some required equipment.
– Tack and equipment. For the first time of having a horse, you have to invest in some primary equipment such as saddle, bridle, halter, grooming supplies, and other basic horse products.
– Feed and supplements. It’s obvious to everyone that people have to prepare the cost for the horse food. In case your first horse is an older one, it will need more nutrients to keep the horse healthy and sound.
– Farrier. Your horse needs a regular farrier care every six or eight weeks to keep them healthy. Please notice that older horses may require special or corrective shoeing to keep them sound, which typically costs more than regular shoeing.
– Veterinarian. The horses will require shots at least twice a year and worming approximately every two months. Besides, they also need to have a dental care once a year. These are compulsory care packages that you have to provide your horse excluding emergency, special care or treatment. You may think about the horse insurance to cut cost and protect your wallet.

The Best Fit Horse For The Beginners

Horse Characteristics. Safety is always the top priority when buying a horse for the first time. It’s perfect to have a well-trained and well-mannered equine companion. Your first horse should never kick or bite and have the good temperament such as kind, gentle, quiet and calm.

When you go to see the horses, you should observe them to figure out which one has all the characteristics that you are looking for. Does the horse walk quietly and slowly with the seller, and wait patiently for them to tie it up, or does it prance ahead of the seller or try to use them as a scratching post? Does the horse stand still for grooming and saddling, or does it swing its body all over the place? Does the horse wait quietly for the seller to tighten the girth and mount, or does it step off just as the seller is putting her foot in the stirrup? Does it pin its ears and wring its tail, or does it wait patiently for the seller to mount up?

Horse size. It’s not a big deal as long as you can mount and dismount without difficulties and your feet don’t hang significantly below the horse’s barrel when you are mounted.

Horse age. People usually prefer the older horse to the younger one because the old equine animals tend to be more quiet and calm. Moreover, the old horse may have more experience and be more suitable for beginners.
Horse color. Beginners are usually attracted by the color coat, however, you should choose temperament and experience before its beauty. Once you take it home, you will fall in love with your beloved four-hooves companion immediately no matter whatever color it has.

Tips For Buying A Horse For Beginners

how to buy a horse for beginners
Tips For Buying A Horse For Beginners. Source: equinenow

The good advice for you is to choose a horse that is currently doing exactly what you want him to do. For example, if you like trail riding, choose a horse that is a very experienced trail horse. Likewise, if you want a show horse, choose a horse that is already competing at the level you want to compete. To find a good place to buy a great horse, it’s better not to go to the market or an auction. The good horses tend to be passed down from child to child within a family, or among families that take lessons from an instructor. Therefore, the chance of finding your right horse in a private sale is much higher if you take this tip.

This article covers all critical points for buying your first horse checklist. Now, you learn how to buy a horse for beginners and broaden your horizon by these some useful tips and advice. As long as you follow this first-time horse owner checklist, you will never be disappointed about your new equine companion. It’s time to welcome and bring a new horse home.