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Every Horse Owner Should Feed This Healthy Food For Horses

Healthy food for horses

Everyone knows that horses are herbivores and they need a specific dietary. Because of a long digestive system, horses require a high-fiber diet that is absorbed by many small meals. Therefore, you should know about the healthy food for horses in order to enrich their diet. Then, you can ensure the nutrition for the horse’s health and make your horse very interesting in the daily meals.

This horse food list will let you know the food that is good for your horse and the reason why the horse should be fed by these kinds of food.

Pasture Grass And Tender Plants

Healthy food for horses
Pasture grass and tender plants are the natural diets of horses. Source: thehorse

If you have ever wondered what do horses eat in the wild, the answer is grass and leaves from shrubs and trees. That’s why pasture grass and tender plants are the natural diets of horses. A good pasture can provide a large number of nutrients that help horses stay healthy. Besides, it contains silica which can protect and improve the dental health. If a horse feeds on an ideal pasture, it can limit the health problems such as obesity, equine metabolic syndrome, and laminitis. Moreover, eating directly on the pasture allows horses to have enough exercises to maintain the healthy body and fresh mind. However, if your horse hasn’t ever eaten pasture grass and tender plants before, you shouldn’t suddenly give them the lush pasture grass. It may cause the serious problems for the digestive system if you do so. It’s better to change the food bit by bit and let the horse’s body have enough time to adapt.

Horse Hay

Healthy food for horses
Horse hay is the common food for horses. Source: stablemanagement

Hay is always the best choice for feeding horse, it has a high nutrition and easier to find than the pasture grass. There are some kinds of hay and the rich horse hay may be tricky to find out. It’s better to test the hay to measure if there is any shortfall in vitamins and minerals when your horse eats that hay type. Then, you can have a good plan for compensating a lack of essential nutrients. The rich hay can cause the same health problem as the rich pasture grass, so you should bring this problem to your notice.

Concentrate Mixes

Healthy food for horses
Concentrate mixes include many different kinds of ingredients. Source: thesprucepets

This is a mix of the healthy human food for horses including flax seed, beet pulp, molasses, bran, vitamins, minerals, and some other ingredients. This is a good food to make up for the shortfall in nutrition and add a quick source of energy to your horse. Although there are a plenty of grain types, oats are a traditional grain that the owners usually feed horses. Besides, it’s also fine to let horses eat a small amount of corn but the wheat is not suitable to be an ingredient of the concentrate mixes. This is the good additional nutrients for the mares in foal, nursing mares, or working horses.

Salt And Minerals

Healthy food for horses
Salt and minerals are good supplements for horses. Source: thesprucepets

Salt and minerals are the essential supplements that you can provide your horses by mixing it into the concentrates or offering separately in the form of a salt block. You only need to hang this supplement block on the stall, horses will help themselves whenever they are craving. It’s better to choose the salt block including minerals in order to give the best supplement to your horse. It’s also noticed that horses need a larger amount of salt in the hot weather than in the winter time.

Fresh And Clean Water

Healthy food for horses
Horses need fresh and clean water for staying hyrated. Source: thehorse

It’s obvious to everyone that all breeds need to be provided enough water to be healthy and stay strong. The horse eating hay usually has a high demand for drinking water than the one eating grass. Anyway, a fresh and clean water bucket is a compulsory preparation in the stable to keep horses stay hydrated.
These are the top 5 important healthy food for horses that you have to know when being a horse owner. You can have a plan with the main food and alternative ones to make the menu is diverse. Therefore, your horse will have a good condition to consume enough nutrients for the best health. Besides, once one kind of food is not available, you can be more proactive in changing the diet and still ensure the quality of nutrition and limit the hidden health problems.