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Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes And How To Improve

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes

Riding a horse is a healthy and relaxing sport that many people love to learn. As a horse riding beginner, it’s normal to make mistakes as that how we learn and improve things. However, you can only be better as long as you realize your own mistakes and know how to fix it properly. This post will show you some common beginner horse riding mistakes and give you the right instructions to improve it. Therefore, you can read over this piece of words to find out if you are having the same errors in order to have a plan to teach yourself for the next horse riding time.

1. Hands In The Air

Beginners often try to balance by putting their hands too high when things are wobbly, they sometimes end up with their hands at shoulder height. It causes a problem that the reins become too long and the riders don’t know how to shorten it and lose the control of the horses.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
You should keep your hands at a hip level and your elbows at your side while holding the reins. Source: thesprucepets

How to fix: Try to get balance by following the horse with your seat and core, you shouldn’t rely on the reins because it doesn’t work. Keep it in your mind that your hands always need to be at a hip level and your elbows at your side. Once the reins begin to slip, you have to readjust it right away. If you control the reins properly, you will see there is an invisible straight line from your elbows, forearm, wrist, hands, reins and to the bit in the horse’s mouth.

2. Letting The Reins Slide

The new riders may not know how to deal with the problem when the horses move their heads frequently that makes the reins slide. Then, the riders tend to have the reins pulled through their hands which limits the control of the bit.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Controlling the reins associates with the horse movement. Source: i.pinimg

How to fix: Let your arms hang down your sides and allow them to swing subtly as if your shoulders were hinges. If the horse pulls forward, such as when it trips, sneezes or steps over something, learn to use your arms to give the horse more reins, and not let the reins slide through your fingers. Learn how to shorten your reins as you go. Furthermore, as you increase the pace, you will need to shorten the reins, because the horse actually lifts its head up slightly as it trots, canters or lopes

3. Death Grip On The Reins

You shouldn’t let this mistake happen a long time because it will make the horse ignore rein aids, then their mouth becomes desensitized which affects badly the horse’s temperament.

How to fix: Learn how to readjust the reins length when the horses move. Hold the reins firmly but lightly and try to feel the horse’s mouth without pulling.

4. Gripping Tightly With Your Legs

Gripping too tight is one of the top horse riding mistakes of the beginners. Actually, you have to learn how to stay balanced on the horseback, not to grip it tightly. In addition, if you clench your legs, it may lead to a misunderstanding cue and the horse will move forward and quickly.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Don’t grip your legs too tight when sitting on the saddle. Source: practicalhorsemanmag

How to fix: Let your legs hang from the hip and allow your weight to fall down on your heel. Your legs usually tend to swing, you should prevent it from keeping your feet under you. If you have a correct pose, there should be an invisible straight line from your ear, shoulder, hip to your heel.

5. Drawing up Your Knees

So many beginners have this mistake for the first time they sit on the saddle. This is quite like the mistake of clenching the legs. So you only need to let your leg hang downwards from the hip and remember not to pinch with your knees.

6. Standing Tippy Toe

This a common mistakes in horse riding when riders first learn to post the trot. It happens when you try to lift yourself up and stand on the tiptoes. This action will leave you behind the trot rhythm and lose the balance as well. Besides, you also make a double bouncing heavily in the saddle that leads the horse to be grumpy.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Learn to use the core muscles to post the trot, not use the feet. Source: downunderhorsemanship

How to fix: Learn to use your core muscles to post the trot, not use the feet. Keep the lower leg strong and put the feet as if you are standing while your knees slightly bent.

7. Ramming Your Feet Into the Stirrups

If you let your feet rammed too far into the stirrups, it’s not only dangerous but also uncomfortable. If you don’t have qualify stirrups or don’t wear good boots, this mistake may cause a serious injury.
How to fix: The best stirrups are the ones that just hit your ankle bone when your legs are hanging free with your feet out of the stirrups. Therefore, you should choose the best fit to limit the risk.

8. Holding Your Breath

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Don’t hold the breath when feeling anxious. Source: thesprucepets

You usually do this when you are tense or too focus on learning the new things. The truth is that holding the breath doesn’t help you anything except for making you more stressful. Therefore, take it easy by smile, laugh, hum a tune, or take a deep breath to feel relaxed.

9. Slouching

This is also a beginner horse riding mistake that we usually see. You can fix it by sitting up straight but still relaxed. Don’t forget to keep your chin up and look at the direction. Instead of squeezing the shoulder blades back, you should open up the chest and let the breastbone float upwards in order to release the worries.

10. Looking At The Horse

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
You should look at your direction to control the horse in an effective way. Source: equisearch

Every new rider has this mistake without any notices. If you look at the horse, you can’t observe the direction so it’s very dangerous. In addition, looking down will stiffen your spine and makes it harder for the horse to carry you.

Whatever you do, you should always remember safety first. Although everyone has the mistakes when learning new things, you should learn how to eliminate gradually these common beginner horse riding mistakes. This post shows you detailed information about each mistake and gives you the horse riding tips and techniques in order to fix it. If you follow these instructions and practice hard enough, you can say goodbye with these errors soon.

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