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Perfect Tip: How To Buy A Horse For Beginners

how to buy a horse for beginners

It’s never an easy task to figure out how to buy a horse for beginners, especially for the very first horse owner time. In other words, it will take you a lot of time for doing research, require you some experience and a smart buying strategy in order to make a good purchase. However, if you haven’t ever had any knowledge about buying a good equine breed, this following buying a horse checklist will help you get prepared for your first horse without any difficulties.


Horse Buying Budget

Buying a horse doesn’t mean you only need to pay for the initial purchase price but there is a long list of costs are waiting for you in the upcoming time. If you don’t want to turn your first horse ownership into a light of wallet, you should estimate all the costs of a monthly basis. Here are some expenses you need to consider when having a horse:

how to buy a horse for beginners
You have to invest in some essential equipment for the first horse. Source: ponytrain

– Board. Ranges from full care, which includes feeding and stall cleaning, to self-care, bedding, etc.
– Riding lessons. It’s always essential for you to get along well with a professional instructor to enhance the riding skills.
– Competitions. In case you want to join some forms of competitions, you should think about the entry fees, transportation fee for you and your equine friend, money for the customized outfit or some required equipment.
– Tack and equipment. For the first time of having a horse, you have to invest in some primary equipment such as saddle, bridle, halter, grooming supplies, and other basic horse products.
– Feed and supplements. It’s obvious to everyone that people have to prepare the cost for the horse food. In case your first horse is an older one, it will need more nutrients to keep the horse healthy and sound.
– Farrier. Your horse needs a regular farrier care every six or eight weeks to keep them healthy. Please notice that older horses may require special or corrective shoeing to keep them sound, which typically costs more than regular shoeing.
– Veterinarian. The horses will require shots at least twice a year and worming approximately every two months. Besides, they also need to have a dental care once a year. These are compulsory care packages that you have to provide your horse excluding emergency, special care or treatment. You may think about the horse insurance to cut cost and protect your wallet.

The Best Fit Horse For The Beginners

Horse Characteristics. Safety is always the top priority when buying a horse for the first time. It’s perfect to have a well-trained and well-mannered equine companion. Your first horse should never kick or bite and have the good temperament such as kind, gentle, quiet and calm.

When you go to see the horses, you should observe them to figure out which one has all the characteristics that you are looking for. Does the horse walk quietly and slowly with the seller, and wait patiently for them to tie it up, or does it prance ahead of the seller or try to use them as a scratching post? Does the horse stand still for grooming and saddling, or does it swing its body all over the place? Does the horse wait quietly for the seller to tighten the girth and mount, or does it step off just as the seller is putting her foot in the stirrup? Does it pin its ears and wring its tail, or does it wait patiently for the seller to mount up?

Horse size. It’s not a big deal as long as you can mount and dismount without difficulties and your feet don’t hang significantly below the horse’s barrel when you are mounted.

Horse age. People usually prefer the older horse to the younger one because the old equine animals tend to be more quiet and calm. Moreover, the old horse may have more experience and be more suitable for beginners.
Horse color. Beginners are usually attracted by the color coat, however, you should choose temperament and experience before its beauty. Once you take it home, you will fall in love with your beloved four-hooves companion immediately no matter whatever color it has.

Tips For Buying A Horse For Beginners

how to buy a horse for beginners
Tips For Buying A Horse For Beginners. Source: equinenow

The good advice for you is to choose a horse that is currently doing exactly what you want him to do. For example, if you like trail riding, choose a horse that is a very experienced trail horse. Likewise, if you want a show horse, choose a horse that is already competing at the level you want to compete. To find a good place to buy a great horse, it’s better not to go to the market or an auction. The good horses tend to be passed down from child to child within a family, or among families that take lessons from an instructor. Therefore, the chance of finding your right horse in a private sale is much higher if you take this tip.

This article covers all critical points for buying your first horse checklist. Now, you learn how to buy a horse for beginners and broaden your horizon by these some useful tips and advice. As long as you follow this first-time horse owner checklist, you will never be disappointed about your new equine companion. It’s time to welcome and bring a new horse home.

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Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes And How To Improve

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes

Riding a horse is a healthy and relaxing sport that many people love to learn. As a horse riding beginner, it’s normal to make mistakes as that how we learn and improve things. However, you can only be better as long as you realize your own mistakes and know how to fix it properly. This post will show you some common beginner horse riding mistakes and give you the right instructions to improve it. Therefore, you can read over this piece of words to find out if you are having the same errors in order to have a plan to teach yourself for the next horse riding time.

1. Hands In The Air

Beginners often try to balance by putting their hands too high when things are wobbly, they sometimes end up with their hands at shoulder height. It causes a problem that the reins become too long and the riders don’t know how to shorten it and lose the control of the horses.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
You should keep your hands at a hip level and your elbows at your side while holding the reins. Source: thesprucepets

How to fix: Try to get balance by following the horse with your seat and core, you shouldn’t rely on the reins because it doesn’t work. Keep it in your mind that your hands always need to be at a hip level and your elbows at your side. Once the reins begin to slip, you have to readjust it right away. If you control the reins properly, you will see there is an invisible straight line from your elbows, forearm, wrist, hands, reins and to the bit in the horse’s mouth.

2. Letting The Reins Slide

The new riders may not know how to deal with the problem when the horses move their heads frequently that makes the reins slide. Then, the riders tend to have the reins pulled through their hands which limits the control of the bit.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Controlling the reins associates with the horse movement. Source: i.pinimg

How to fix: Let your arms hang down your sides and allow them to swing subtly as if your shoulders were hinges. If the horse pulls forward, such as when it trips, sneezes or steps over something, learn to use your arms to give the horse more reins, and not let the reins slide through your fingers. Learn how to shorten your reins as you go. Furthermore, as you increase the pace, you will need to shorten the reins, because the horse actually lifts its head up slightly as it trots, canters or lopes

3. Death Grip On The Reins

You shouldn’t let this mistake happen a long time because it will make the horse ignore rein aids, then their mouth becomes desensitized which affects badly the horse’s temperament.

How to fix: Learn how to readjust the reins length when the horses move. Hold the reins firmly but lightly and try to feel the horse’s mouth without pulling.

4. Gripping Tightly With Your Legs

Gripping too tight is one of the top horse riding mistakes of the beginners. Actually, you have to learn how to stay balanced on the horseback, not to grip it tightly. In addition, if you clench your legs, it may lead to a misunderstanding cue and the horse will move forward and quickly.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Don’t grip your legs too tight when sitting on the saddle. Source: practicalhorsemanmag

How to fix: Let your legs hang from the hip and allow your weight to fall down on your heel. Your legs usually tend to swing, you should prevent it from keeping your feet under you. If you have a correct pose, there should be an invisible straight line from your ear, shoulder, hip to your heel.

5. Drawing up Your Knees

So many beginners have this mistake for the first time they sit on the saddle. This is quite like the mistake of clenching the legs. So you only need to let your leg hang downwards from the hip and remember not to pinch with your knees.

6. Standing Tippy Toe

This a common mistakes in horse riding when riders first learn to post the trot. It happens when you try to lift yourself up and stand on the tiptoes. This action will leave you behind the trot rhythm and lose the balance as well. Besides, you also make a double bouncing heavily in the saddle that leads the horse to be grumpy.

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Learn to use the core muscles to post the trot, not use the feet. Source: downunderhorsemanship

How to fix: Learn to use your core muscles to post the trot, not use the feet. Keep the lower leg strong and put the feet as if you are standing while your knees slightly bent.

7. Ramming Your Feet Into the Stirrups

If you let your feet rammed too far into the stirrups, it’s not only dangerous but also uncomfortable. If you don’t have qualify stirrups or don’t wear good boots, this mistake may cause a serious injury.
How to fix: The best stirrups are the ones that just hit your ankle bone when your legs are hanging free with your feet out of the stirrups. Therefore, you should choose the best fit to limit the risk.

8. Holding Your Breath

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
Don’t hold the breath when feeling anxious. Source: thesprucepets

You usually do this when you are tense or too focus on learning the new things. The truth is that holding the breath doesn’t help you anything except for making you more stressful. Therefore, take it easy by smile, laugh, hum a tune, or take a deep breath to feel relaxed.

9. Slouching

This is also a beginner horse riding mistake that we usually see. You can fix it by sitting up straight but still relaxed. Don’t forget to keep your chin up and look at the direction. Instead of squeezing the shoulder blades back, you should open up the chest and let the breastbone float upwards in order to release the worries.

10. Looking At The Horse

Common Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes
You should look at your direction to control the horse in an effective way. Source: equisearch

Every new rider has this mistake without any notices. If you look at the horse, you can’t observe the direction so it’s very dangerous. In addition, looking down will stiffen your spine and makes it harder for the horse to carry you.

Whatever you do, you should always remember safety first. Although everyone has the mistakes when learning new things, you should learn how to eliminate gradually these common beginner horse riding mistakes. This post shows you detailed information about each mistake and gives you the horse riding tips and techniques in order to fix it. If you follow these instructions and practice hard enough, you can say goodbye with these errors soon.

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10 Horse Trails Around The World You Should Visit One Time In Life

Horse Trails Around The World

If you love traveling and hacking, why don’t you mix it into a trip on the horse trails around the world? For a horse rider, nothing is better than exploring the world on the horseback. You can throw yourself into the adventures, exhilaration, and relaxation with the trail riding. This post will show 10 horse trails around the world for you to let the horseshoes print on the amazing lands. Your mind and soul will be overwhelmed by nature, wildness, and freedom of these horse trails.

1. Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia

Horse Trails Around The World
The beautiful horse trail along the giant lake Hovsgol in Mongolia. Source:

A long time ago, Mongolia is known as a home of the oldest nomadic horse people in the world. The horse trail begins at the lake which is about 100km in length and stretches between Russia and Mongolia. This giant lake contains 3% of the total amount of water on Earth. You can follow the wonderful trail along the lake or take the trail to the mountain and enjoy the magnificent landscape from the high point.

2. The Andes, Chile

Horse Trails Around The World
The incredible views from the horse trail in the Andes, Chile. Source: equitour

If you are a true wanderlust who falls in love with bare nature, you should visit this place on the horseback someday. Because this place belongs to the hacking, you can’t explore it by the other ways. There are some horse tours in the Andes for you to join, you can choose the length and destination you want to reach. This horse trail is more difficult than the others but it’s very worth after all because of the incredible views of the forests and lakes.

3. Cappadocia, Turkey

Horse Trails Around The World
The horse trail with with the magnificent valleys in Cappadocia, Turkey. Source:

Cappadocia is well-known as a “land of beautiful horses” in the horse riding world. Nature built this place for people to explore it on the horseback with the magnificent valleys. On the way, you will have a chance to see Byzantine churches, volcanic trails, and the poetic chimneys. These things make Cappadocia look like a picture that is waiting for you to run the horse throughout it.

4. Whakahoro, New Zealand

Horse Trails Around The World
Be on the horseback and geting lost in the woods. Source: gap360

If you want to experience the feeling of getting lost in the woods, this horse track which is 5000 acres in length will offer you several days of hacking through the native bush canopy, rainforests, pine forests, and mountains. At night, this place becomes the world’s best stargazing spot.

5. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Horse Trails Around The World
Ride the horse through the red desert of Wadi Rum. Source: wildfrontierstravel

You can take a six-day-tour to enjoy this as a lifetime experience in the red desert of Wadi Rum. You’ll see the authentic Bedouin Arabian horses and ride through the mountain and desert until reach the edges of the Dead Sea. The scenery of this desert area is so breathtaking that you can’t use any words to describe it correctly. It will be the best horse riding holidays if you want to discover the desert on the horseback.

6. Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

Horse Trails Around The World
See highest active volcano in the world in Ecuador. Source: internationaltraveller

With this horse trail, you can take a ride around the highest active volcano in the world. Therefore, this is once in a lifetime experience that will make your heart beat faster because of the excitement. However, the terrain here is very challenging so it requires a pro hacking skill of experienced riders.

7. Patagonia, Argentina

Horse Trails Around The World
A magnificent horse trail in Patagonia, Argentina. Source: Pinterest

The horse trails in Patagonia allow you to have a long trip for several days. In case you don’t have much time, it’s still fine to go on a single day ride out of an estancia. Estancias are traditional South American ranches which can give you a lot of experience for hacking.

8. Mykonos, Greece

Horse Trails Around The World
Riding a horse along the Aegean sea in Mykonos, Greece. Source: mykonostopvillas

The horse tour will instruct you to ride through the wildlife and the typical landscapes of this beautiful island. You can’t stand but to say “wow” when riding a horse along the Aegean sea because of its spectacular scenery.

9. Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Horse Trails Around The World
A nomadic horse trail in Kyrgyzstan. Source: i.ytimg

Kyrgyzstan has a strong nomadic culture that any wanderlust loves to go there at least one time in life. This place is a kingdom of equine animals, you can find a plenty of horses and some of them may not have their own name. Tian Shan Mountains is a perfect combination of the prairie and mountain, you can feel the immensity of the space there. Go hacking and let the mountain breezes blow in your hair will be an unforgettable experience when you visit Kyrgyzstan.

10. Okavango Delta, Botswana

Horse Trails Around The World
Riding horse together with the giraffes in Okavango Delta, Botswana. Source: okavangohorse

If you have a passion for a horse safari, you can’t miss Okavango Delta. This horse trail welcomes you with the sunshine, wildness, and lots of surprises. You can have a chance to ride through the savanna and national parks. Therefore, it’s possible for you to see the amazing Africa wildlife. It’s so thrilling when having a chance to see zebras, elephants, and even giraffes on the way of the adventure.

This list including 10 horse trails around the world is a very useful horse riding information if you want to explore the new places to ride horses. You should save it in your bucket list and make the time on the hooves so great with a lot of interesting horse trails.

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Every Horse Owner Should Feed This Healthy Food For Horses

Healthy food for horses

Everyone knows that horses are herbivores and they need a specific dietary. Because of a long digestive system, horses require a high-fiber diet that is absorbed by many small meals. Therefore, you should know about the healthy food for horses in order to enrich their diet. Then, you can ensure the nutrition for the horse’s health and make your horse very interesting in the daily meals.

This horse food list will let you know the food that is good for your horse and the reason why the horse should be fed by these kinds of food.

Pasture Grass And Tender Plants

Healthy food for horses
Pasture grass and tender plants are the natural diets of horses. Source: thehorse

If you have ever wondered what do horses eat in the wild, the answer is grass and leaves from shrubs and trees. That’s why pasture grass and tender plants are the natural diets of horses. A good pasture can provide a large number of nutrients that help horses stay healthy. Besides, it contains silica which can protect and improve the dental health. If a horse feeds on an ideal pasture, it can limit the health problems such as obesity, equine metabolic syndrome, and laminitis. Moreover, eating directly on the pasture allows horses to have enough exercises to maintain the healthy body and fresh mind. However, if your horse hasn’t ever eaten pasture grass and tender plants before, you shouldn’t suddenly give them the lush pasture grass. It may cause the serious problems for the digestive system if you do so. It’s better to change the food bit by bit and let the horse’s body have enough time to adapt.

Horse Hay

Healthy food for horses
Horse hay is the common food for horses. Source: stablemanagement

Hay is always the best choice for feeding horse, it has a high nutrition and easier to find than the pasture grass. There are some kinds of hay and the rich horse hay may be tricky to find out. It’s better to test the hay to measure if there is any shortfall in vitamins and minerals when your horse eats that hay type. Then, you can have a good plan for compensating a lack of essential nutrients. The rich hay can cause the same health problem as the rich pasture grass, so you should bring this problem to your notice.

Concentrate Mixes

Healthy food for horses
Concentrate mixes include many different kinds of ingredients. Source: thesprucepets

This is a mix of the healthy human food for horses including flax seed, beet pulp, molasses, bran, vitamins, minerals, and some other ingredients. This is a good food to make up for the shortfall in nutrition and add a quick source of energy to your horse. Although there are a plenty of grain types, oats are a traditional grain that the owners usually feed horses. Besides, it’s also fine to let horses eat a small amount of corn but the wheat is not suitable to be an ingredient of the concentrate mixes. This is the good additional nutrients for the mares in foal, nursing mares, or working horses.

Salt And Minerals

Healthy food for horses
Salt and minerals are good supplements for horses. Source: thesprucepets

Salt and minerals are the essential supplements that you can provide your horses by mixing it into the concentrates or offering separately in the form of a salt block. You only need to hang this supplement block on the stall, horses will help themselves whenever they are craving. It’s better to choose the salt block including minerals in order to give the best supplement to your horse. It’s also noticed that horses need a larger amount of salt in the hot weather than in the winter time.

Fresh And Clean Water

Healthy food for horses
Horses need fresh and clean water for staying hyrated. Source: thehorse

It’s obvious to everyone that all breeds need to be provided enough water to be healthy and stay strong. The horse eating hay usually has a high demand for drinking water than the one eating grass. Anyway, a fresh and clean water bucket is a compulsory preparation in the stable to keep horses stay hydrated.
These are the top 5 important healthy food for horses that you have to know when being a horse owner. You can have a plan with the main food and alternative ones to make the menu is diverse. Therefore, your horse will have a good condition to consume enough nutrients for the best health. Besides, once one kind of food is not available, you can be more proactive in changing the diet and still ensure the quality of nutrition and limit the hidden health problems.

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Top 8 Smart Equestrian Kit Bags That Will Make Your Hacking Perfect

smart equestrian kit bags

It’s never a bad idea to have the smart equestrian kit bags for people those that love hacking so much. This wonderful bag will help you easily carry necessaries things that support a lot for the horse riding. The basic features that the good equestrian bags and luggage must have are to be practical, hard wearing and high quality with the secure zippers. This post comes with a review list of 8 smart equestrian kit bags that you’ll love to buy one for the next hacking trip.

1. Lemieux Prokit System Rucksack

smart equestrian kit bags
Lemieux Prokit System Rucksack. Source: horseandhound

This is a good choice for people love a horse riding backpack. This cool backpack is designed with multi-functional pockets that can carry all the riding essentials based on the categories as you require. All your stuff will be safe in this super strong backpack and your key items are always ready for you to use whenever you need them.

2. Equi-Theme Back Pack

smart equestrian kit bags
Equi-Theme Back Pack. Source: horseandhound

One more backpack for you to choose, this functional one has many compartments which are very suitable for carrying a lot of different kinds of equine accessories. There are four pockets outside including the whip place, the bottle holder and the breathable padded hat flap for the rider’s helmet. It’s easy to open the inside compartments which are controlled by a central full-length 2-way zip. You will see many zips and stretch pockets inside the backpack which can help you keep stuff separated as you wish. In addition, this backpack has the adjustable and padded back and shoulder straps that support to spread the load and protect your shoulders and neck from being painful.

3. Dublin Imperial Grooming Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Dublin Imperial Grooming Bag. Source: horseandhound

This bag is built to be a perfect bag for carrying all the grooming stuff. It has a long carry strap and two short grab handles that allow you to wear it on two different styles. The zipper on the fabric lid keeps everything inside the bag from being dirty and destroyed. If your horse needs grooming frequently, this grooming bag is an ideal one for you.

4. Driver13 Riding Boot Bag Backpack System

smart equestrian kit bags
Driver13 Riding Boot Bag Backpack System. Source: horseandhound

This boot backpack is 55 cm in height and can stand up by itself thanks to the cleverly folds out flat. It has a separated helmet compartment outside and this one is ventilated so you don’t need to be worried about the moisture. There are two small compartments on the sides and front of the backpack which is perfect for gloves, spurs and other equine accessories.

5. Shires Horse Print Saddle Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Shires Horse Print Saddle Bag. Source: horseandhound

This saddle bag has an eye-catching design that is very fit your equestrian style. It is made of a durable horse print fabric which provides the paddings in order to keep it from the bumps and scratches. It has both detachable grab handles and adjustable shoulder strap so it’s very flexible to wear. Besides, this saddle bag features a double zip for easier open and close.

6. Woof Wear Bridle Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Woof Wear Bridle Bag. Source: horseandhound

This bag can protect your bridle from being wet by its waterproof material. Besides, it can keep the bridle in place thanks to an internal strap so you can feel free to take it anywhere and still see it is tidy when open the zipper.

7. Nico Helm Box

smart equestrian kit bags
Nico Helm Box. Source: horseandhound

This Nico helm box is made of a hardwearing fabric and has some internal pockets and a zipped pocket with two compartments on the lid. Therefore, besides the hat, this hat case is very convenient for you to carry other stuff. Moreover, it features an unbreakable vanity mirror which can be folded to save space. You will be satisfied with this bag because it has many ventilation holes that keep your stuff inside fresh all the time.

8. Nuumed Kit Bag

smart equestrian kit bags
Nuumed Kit Bag. Source: horseandhound

If you want to have a bag with a medium or large size, this NuuMed kit bag is a great choice. It is made of the robust and clean fabric which can challenge all kind of situations and weather conditions.
These are 8 smart equestrian kit bags that are very suitable for the horse owners who are looking for the riders gear bags or horse gear bags. Choose the best equestrian kit bag that fit your needs and makes your hacking time be more convenient and enjoyable.

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30 Tattoo Ideas For Horse Lovers And Tips For Finding The Best Horse Tattoo

tattoo ideas horse lovers

Tattoos become a piece of art which is loved by thousands of people all over the world. Therefore, there is no surprised when the horse tattoos are one of the most amazing things that equestrian desires to have. This post is going to show you 30 tattoo ideas for horse lovers that you will want to get inked immediately. Besides, you can find the useful tips for finding the best horse tattoo and learn more about the horse tattoos meaning.

Being a fan of horses or an owner of this amazing creature, you will know how easy to fall in love with them and how they become a part of your life. Although there are many different tattoo designs, every tattoo must have its own meaning. It can be the milestone in the relationship between you and your beloved horse. Or it can be the symbol of something which is representative for your insights. Whatever it can be, it is the real thing showing who you are. Let’s take a glance at some popular horse tattoos meaning in the equestrian society.

Horses are very calm, intelligent and hard-working animals that play a key role in the human life. Actually, horse tattoos have been famous in Native American culture since the 18th century. In the perspective of horse lovers, a red horse is associated with fire and bravery while a dark horse is the symbol of war and death. In addition, there are a lot of meanings of horse tattoos such as freedom, strength, grace, bravery, power, intelligence, beauty and friendship. People who own a horse tattoo will hold its meaning for themselves but a thing that never changes is the love for the horse is in their blood.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
The big horse tattoo with the creative textures. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
Black and white horse tattoo with the sun and moon. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A watercolor horse tattoo in colorful. Source: Pinterest

As same as the other kind of tattoos, horse tattoos also come with many designs and sizes. Depending on the part of the body you want to get inked, you can select a suitable tattoo. The small horse tattoo can be placed on the wrist, nape, ankle, hand or arm. While the medium-sized and big one can be perfect on the back, shoulder, chest, and thigh.

If you are kinda people loving the little things, horse tattoos on wrist may look great on you.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A tiny horse tattoo at the wrist. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A chibi horse tattoo at the wrist. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
An adorable little horse tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A horse tattoo with the origami style. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A cool, black and white horse tattoo on the back. Source: Pinterest

The small horse tattoos are usually simple and minimalist. It’s possible to add colors to make it more beautiful and poetic. There are plenty of colors you can mix and match to create your own one that says something about your soul and personality.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A watercolor horse tattoo in the shape of circle. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A poetic deep and light blue horse tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A gorgeous horse tattoo with color on the back. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A wild horse tattoo in the blue dark color. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A horse tattoo with the colorful splashes. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A watercolor portrait horse tattoo. Source: Pinterest

If you are a dreamy girl who loves fairy tales, a merry-go-round tattoo with some splash colors will be so beautiful on your skin.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A merry-go-round horse tattoo for the fairy girls. Source: Pinterest

If you love the lively horse tattoos with the detailed textures, a large one is definitely perfect for you. Then, you should think of the horse tattoos on shoulder because it is the great part of the body to apply a full big tattoo.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A big watercolor hoarse tattoo with the wings on the back. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A large horse tattoo and the romantic objects on the thigh. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A half face horse tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A royal horse tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A dream catcher horse tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A one-line horse tattoo style. Source: Pinterest

It’s never a bad idea to add some features that make your tattoo more creative. You may choose the heartbeat, the wings, or anything you like.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A balck and white horse tattoo with heartbeat. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A watercolor horse tattoo with heartbeat. Source: Pinterest

If you love the freedom, wildness and never-give-up spirit, a horse is running with the winds can be a good horse tattoo idea.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A creative horse running tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A watercolor horse running tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A romantic horse running tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
A wild and strong horse running tattoo. Source: Pinterest

However, the horse tattoos don’t mean that you must have a tattoo with the shape of a horse. Thinking out of the box, people may have a horseshoe tattoo to show the love and respect to this wonderful breed. The infinity and horseshoe are the awesome combination which shows eternity of your love for horses.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A horseshoe with flowers tattoo. Source: Pinterest
tattoo ideas horse lovers
The infinity and horseshoe tattoo. Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, the most touching tattoo doesn’t need to be too complicated. This tattoo with a hoof and a hand says everything about the tight bond between the owner and his horse. It’s hard to keep your heart from melting because this one is so touching.

tattoo ideas horse lovers
A touching hoof and a hand tattoo. Source: Pinterest

Some people can quickly make a decision on the tattoo design, while the others take much time on this step. In case, you are kinda person of the second case, you should follow these tips. You can have a unique tattoo based on the real portrait picture of your horse. If not, you should think of the meaning or the valuable message you want to convey through the tattoo, then find the best design for it. This list of horse tattoo includes both elegant and classic tattoos for those that are finding the best tattoo ideas for horse lovers. You can search for this kind of list to get more new ideas for the potential tattoo design. No matter what kind of tattoo design you choose, the true meaning is something you can’t see by the eyes but only use the heart to feel it. As long as you understand it, the invisible bond between you and your four-legged friend will last forever.

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Five Awesome Products Prevents The Horse From Box Rest

Products prevents the horse from box rest

Box rest is the statement that no horse owner wants to face. Besides stopping you from the hacking, the box rest can be a terrible nightmare for your horse if you don’t know how to keep it sane during this time. The most hazardous monster causing by box rest is the boredom. It can be a huge factor that is prone to problems such as box walking, weaving, crib biting, and muscle wastage. As a result, it leads the horse to a bad temperament which is full of unhappy and anxious feeling. To keep the healthy mind for the horse, you can find some products prevents the horse from box rest. Here is a recommended list of toys for horses on box rest that will help your equine friend stay well during this difficult time.

1. Likit Horse Stable Boredom Buster

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Likit Horse Stable Boredom Buster. Source: redmillsstore

This hanging toy will break the boredom by spinning whenever the horse licks it. Therefore, the horse has a chance to play the tongue twister and follow its multi-directional movements. You can increase the challenge by attaching the likit holder to make your horse exciting. It’s better to add different flavours from time to time so that the horse always finds the new interests and never be boring during the box rest.

2. Shires Greedy Feeder Haylage Net

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Shires Greedy Feeder Haylage Net. Source: amazon

If the horse is confined to “prison” for a long time, it may become very greedy as a result of lacking activities. This small holed net is designed to slow the feeding speed of the horse which asks the equine animal to work harder to get the forage through the small holes. By this way, the horse has more activities to release the boredom. Eating slowly also improves the digestion and reduces the amount of wasting forage. This haylage net is one of the best solutions to ease the bad temperament from the box rest for horses.

3. Bizzy Bites Stable Toy

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Bizzy Bites Stable Toy. Source: petnpony

This rotating toy will keep your horse entertaining no matter where you put it. You can hang it on the wall, attach it to the door or just leave it on the ground, it still works all the time. This bites stable toy is designed with the textured wings that provide an interesting surface for chewing while improving the teeth health. There is a mint sponge that keeps the horse interesting long after the refill is finished. Besides, the solid refill makes it extra long lasting. This is a toy entertaining horses on box rest that your equine companion will definitely love to play with it.

4. Horse Stable Mirror

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Horse Stable Mirror. Source: horsemirrors

Simply hanging a stable mirror on the wall can make your horse more relaxing during the time of box rest. It’s very useful for the horse to kill the boring time in the stable. At first, your horse can keep staring at the mirror but it will start playing hide and seek soon. As a good result, the horse can find a lot of funs by itself.

5. Ekkia Curry Comb And Massage

Products prevents the horse from box rest
Ekkia Curry Comb And Massage. Source: amazon

It’s obvious that you can’t go hacking with your horse because of the box rest. However, you can spend time with your beloved horse by giving it a relaxing massage. This tool has two sides with different textures. One side has PVC teeth which are built to be a curry comb for grooming while the other side has seven stainless steel beads to provide the horse with the comfortable massage. This tool is the calmer for horses on box rest that prevent your equine companion from the stressful, boring, and annoying. Keep this activity frequently so you guys will pass the box rest with ease.

It can’t be denied that box rest is one of the hard times you and your equine companion have no choice but to face it. Why don’t you make it at ease with these products prevents the horse from box rest? The great toys above are the good solutions for managing a horse on box rest. You should choose the one that fit your horse and see how great it can be.

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Top 10 Leather Headcollars For Horses That Make You Enjoy The Horse Riding More

leather headcollar for horses

Every horse owner and horse rider knows that a horse headcollar is an invaluable tool that is deserved to be invested in. This tool usually has a noseband and a headpiece that allows the horse to be tied and easier to lead. Therefore, it’s critical to have an appropriate headcollar for your horse in order to avoid any injuries. Although there are many headcollars made of different materials, the leather headcollar for horses always looks smarter and last longer. If you are looking for the best horse leather headcollars for your equine friends, it’s very useful to read over this list of leather headcollar reviews.

1. Hyclass Leather Padded Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Hyclass Leather Padded Headcollar. Source: shedfieldequestrian

Made of high quality leather, this wonderful headcollar has the soft paddlings on the nose and headpiece in order to provide the horse with the most comfortable experience. Besides, it includes an adjustable chin strap and clip throat fastening which is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.

2. Leather Headcollar Havanna With Sheepskin

leather headcollar for horses
Leather Headcollar Havanna With Sheepskin. Source: hypostore

If you are looking for a gorgeous headcollar which looks smart on your horse, this leather headcollar with sheepskin is awesome. It is the best combination between the quality leather and the super soft sheepskin. It is confident to claim that every horse will love to wear it and enjoy this headcollar, especially when the weather is chilly.

3. Leather Headcollar With Nameplate

leather headcollar for horses
Leather Headcollar With Nameplate. Source:

This leather headcollar is more special than the others because it has a nameplate on the cheek piece. That’s what makes it different and unique. Besides, this headcollar also meets all your expectations about quality, durability, and the flexibility. It will be a very essential tool for you to lead and train the horse.

4. HKM Leather Veronika Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
HKM Leather Veronika Headcollar. Source: Amazon

This headcollar is made of the calf leather so it’s very soft and comfortable to wear. It includes the paddings, an adjustable noseband, and headpiece.

5. Equipride Leather Polo Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Equipride Leather Polo Headcollar. Source: Amazon

If you love the handcrafted stuff, this headcollar must be for you. As you know, the handcrafted products are always meticulous which takes so much time to make it. Therefore, it is very unique and durable. Besides the leather lead, this set also has a fashionable chain and the strong buckles which are made of the stainless steel. Your horse will look very sporty with this polo-inspired design headcollar.

6. Kerbl London Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Kerbl London Leather Headcollar. Source: Amazon

This headcollar has the adjustable neck and nosebands which will be perfectly fit your horse. It also has some softly padded layers on the nose, poll, and cheek pieces so the horse can always feel comfortable. This is a high quality, durable, and affordable headcollar that your horse will love it.

7. Amigo Padded Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Amigo Padded Headcollar. Source: horsedirect

This is one more leather headcollar with nameplate for you to choose. Besides the customized nameplate, this headcollar is made of eco-friendly leather which is not only high quality but it also gives your horse a good look. With the soft paddings on the noseband and headpiece, your horse won’t be annoying when wearing it. This item is available in brown and black colors and comes with full-size options for pony, small, standard, and large horse.

8. Mark Todd Patent Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Mark Todd Patent Leather Headcollar. Source: hopevalleysaddlery

This headcollar has the padded noseband and headpiece, stainless steel buckles, and the patent so you can trust in its quality and durability. Moreover, it’s very convenient for you to choose the fit one because it comes in a variety sizes.

9. Lemieux Padded Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Lemieux Padded Leather Headcollar. Source: Ebay

If your horse loves a soft headcollar with the qualified paddings, it will be likely to want this headcollar. This is a high-quality handcrafted headcollar made of the finest leather that can make the horse extremely happy. It is sold at an affordable price and has many sizes to choose from.

10. Shires Blenheim Fully Adjustable Leather Headcollar

leather headcollar for horses
Shires Blenheim Fully Adjustable Leather Headcollar. Source: gsequestrian

This headcollar is designed to fit ponies through to an extra full size for large horses. Therefore, it’s easy to adjust until it totally fit the horse. It is made of good quality leather with solid brass fittings, you can count on its long lasting features.

This is the list of 10 leather headcollar for horses that are very popular in the equestrian world. Although there are a plenty of options for you to choose, you should understand your demand and your horse hobbies to pick out the best headcollar. Don’t forget to make your decision within budget and enjoy the horse riding more with the perfect new headcollar.

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Top 5 Popular Horse Halters And The Best Rope Halter Reviews

best rope halter reviews

Once we discuss the equestrian accessories that support for the horse riding, we couldn’t but mention about the rope halter. You can’t tie up the horse or lead it around without this such useful tool. That’s the reason why halter is one of the most essential equine equipment, so it’s critical to have a good one. However, there are thousands of rope halters in the market that will make you confused. It’s a wise way to find out 5 best rope halter reviews in this post before taking any actions. By this way, you can save much time and pick out the one that works on you.

1. Knotty Girlz Horse

best rope halter reviews
Knotty Girlz Horse. Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a premium rope halter based on the average cost, you should think about this knotty girlz horse. This is one of the best rope halters for training which is used by many professional horse trainers. Because it has the knots lay on the pressure points creating the great advantages to correct the horse when needed. This feature turns it into a useful training tool trusted by many horse riders. Besides, it is made of polyester which is very durable and suitable for any weather conditions. This long-lasting material also prevents it from changing the shape so you will be satisfied with it even after a long time of using. Moreover, this Knotty Girlz Horse comes in different colors and sizes for you to choose from. There is the only thing that you need to consider before buying it is the band on the nose. It’s quite small and doesn’t always fit your horse.

2. Tough 1 Poly

best rope halter reviews
Tough 1 Poly. Source: Amazon

This is a very flexible rope halter, which can adjust to fit perfectly on your horse and won’t slip off. It is made of nylon so you can believe in its heavy duty and durability. Thanks to this material, this halter says no to the abrasions so it will look like a new one as long as you take care of it in the proper way. Moreover, it also helps the horse feel comfortable when wearing it under any weather statements. You will find it is sold at price lower than the average amount in the market. In case if you only have a limited budget, this will be the best rope for a horse halter that meets your expectations.

3. Mustang Side Pull

best rope halter reviews
Mustang Side Pull. Source: Amazon

If you need to have the best rope halter for an old horse, this mustang side pull halter is the one you are looking for. It has four knots with the diamond braid in order to give your horse the extra support. Moreover, these knots also place on the pressure points which help you easier to control the horse. One of the most special features of this rope halter is its side rings. There are two side rings on the nose area that allow you to take a side pulling while walking or strolling with your beloved horse. These rings are coated with nickel that prevents them from being rusty or corrosive. Even though you don’t have a large budget, this rope halter is still affordable. Its cost is slightly lower than the average price.

4. Hybrid Halter Adjustable

best rope halter reviews
Hybrid Halter Adjustable. Source: Amazon

This is the best rope halter for riding because it has a slide ring at the bottom which allows you to control the horse perfectly by moving it 180 degrees. Besides, there are knots on the nose that support you to lead the horse better. Moreover, it is designed in a single piece so it will never twist that makes the horse always feels very comfortable and happy while wearing it. Because of these outstanding features, it is sold at a higher price than the average price. Although it is not as cheap as the other halters in this list, it is the best rope halter and lead natural horsemanship that you shouldn’t miss.

5. South Western Equine

best rope halter reviews
South Western Equine. Source: Amazon

This best rope halter for riding is made of polyester and designed with the diamond braided rope. It’s no doubt that this halter is very strong, durable and flexible. In addition, it includes a detachable eight-foot leash which is very convenient for you while riding and controlling the horse. It’s obvious to see that this rope halter only comes with the friendly materials without any metal hardware that may harm or cause the uncomfortable feeling for the horse. Though it has a good quality, this halter is sold at an affordable price. It also has eight different colors for you to choose from, you won’t get bored by sticking with an only choice.

This is the best rope halter reviews about top 5 popular halters for a horse in the market. You can learn the detailed information about each type of halter so that you can figure out which one meets your expectations. No matter what kind of halter you choose, it should be the one that makes your horse feel comfortable. If so, you can be easy to control and share the wonderful riding experience with your equine friend.

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The Best Horse Riding Gloves For The Amazing Riding Experience

best leather horse riding gloves

Wearing gloves when riding the horse is one of the things you should do if you don’t want to hurt your hands. Moreover, the good gloves can protect your hands from the chilly weather, remove the sweat and limit the injuries that may cause. In the other words, the gloves will give you the most comfortable feeling when riding a horse, you don’t need to care about anything but controlling your equine friend in the proper way. This post includes the best horse riding gloves that you will desire to have one for the next riding time.

Best Leather Horse Riding Gloves

1. Caldene Palermo Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Caldene Palermo Gloves. Source: horseandhound

This two tones leather has an insulating lining to keep your hands warm. The panels between the thumb and the ring finger are reinforced with an elasticated cuff, so you can have the flexible movement while wearing it.

2. Heritage Gloves Carriage Driving Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Heritage Gloves Carriage Driving Gloves. Source: equestriancollections

These gloves are an excellent choice for the horse riders. It’s no doubt to say that because the top and palm of the gloves are made from the deerskin leather which allows you to grip the reins softly and easily. You can trust in its durability when you see all the critical seams has a double stitched. Because of the patented rein cut design, these gloves are not only an essential equestrian tool but it also a fashionable accessory.

Best Waterproof Horse Riding Gloves

1. Woof Wear Waterproof Riding Glove

best leather horse riding gloves
Woof Wear Waterproof Riding Glove. Source: horseandhound

This woof wear riding glove has both waterproof membrane and thermal inner lining, so it’s very breathable and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the gloves also have an extra long cuff to ensure the warmth for your hands. To make it more durable, it is reinforced between the rein fingers so you can have the strong movements without any worries.

2. Extremities Insulated Waterproof Glove

best leather horse riding gloves
Extremities Insulated Waterproof Glove. Source: horseandhound

These gloves are one of the best gloves for winter horse riding because of its waterproof feature and the sticky print palm and fingers. In order to keep our hands warm at all time, it has a soft brushed lining and features 3oz synthetic insulation. Besides, the glove also has a breathable membrane and a silicone grip palm. That’s what makes your horse riding time comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Lemieux Protouch Waterproof Riding Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Lemieux Protouch Waterproof Riding Gloves. Source: horseandhound

These functional and comfortable gloves are suitable for the horse riders that want to have all in one. These gloves are waterproof, warm, and breathable. In addition, it is very durable which can see obviously by the silicone grip palm and fingers that are reinforced. With these features, these gloves are the best one that is suitable for all time of the year.

Best Gloves For Winter Horse Riding

1. Roeckl Julia Winter Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Roeckl Julia Winter Gloves. Source: horseandhound

These gorgeous gloves are trimmed with gold or silver piping and crystal elements. You will never feel uncomfortable when wearing it because it is very breathable. It is recommended to wash at 30ºC.

2. Roeckl Roeck-Grip Chester Winter Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Roeckl Roeck-Grip Chester Winter Gloves. Source: horseandhound

These functional gloves are very breathable, elastic, and supple. With excellent grip and tactility on the reins, it helps you perform excellently in riding. Besides, the Micro-Bemberg lining offers superb warmth so it’s not a problem anymore for you to do the horse riding in winter.

Children’s Leather Horse Riding Gloves

1. Heritage Gloves Spectrum Winter Show Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Heritage Gloves Spectrum Winter Show Gloves. Source: justforponies

This kids winter riding gloves are made of a breathable spectrum suede synthetic leather. It is designed to block out the wind and moisture in order to keep you warm even in the freezing days. You can count on its quality because it has a durable water resistant shell bonded to a soft and warm fleece liner. To make it last longer, all the critical outward seams are double stitched. Moreover, it also includes an adjustable strap closure along with the patented rein cut design. If you are looking for a soft, warm, and quality riding gloves for kids, you shouldn’t miss this one.

2. Heritage Kids Cold Weather Gloves

best leather horse riding gloves
Heritage Kids Cold Weather Gloves. Source: heritagegloves

These are the nice gloves for the cold riding days which is made from 3M Thinsulate insulation liner. Therefore, it is so warm, comfortable, and perfect fit your hands. It is designed to be durable and high quality. You can see the great leather material, elastic band cuff, and the double stitched seams.

In summary, the horse riding gloves are one of the essential equestrian accessories that every horse rider must have. You can choose the best horse riding gloves in this list to protect your hands and enjoy the riding experience without any worries.